How can I overcome my height barrier (of 5'6")? At least 50% of white women are taller than m?

I am planning to go to Bali and provide company for female tourists. I got every other thing under control. Problem is most women want men taller than them. At 5'6", at least 50% of them are taller than me.


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  • Alpha attitude, there are numerous dating sites offering you "how to get the girl" they're basically all teaching you that I assume.


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  • Good thing about Asian countries are the average height is quite short , so you'll fit in.

    • What's the difference if the white women heights stay the same?

    • Oh wait, so you are from Indonesia? I though you were white.
      Look at it this way, 50% of white women are shorter than you. Glass half full, half empty.

    • I'm originally yellow, but I'm brown at the moment.

      That's quite relieving, I must say... >.<

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  • I see your age says 18-24, hopefully this is a lie, otherwise there is no real hope for you.

    Otherwise, if you are in the midst of puberty, get massive amounts of sleep, exercise and testosterone inducing activities such as sex/masturbation or eating foods high in Zinc, like mussels, oysters or clams.

  • lol cus they wear heels

    • No, even barefoot most of them will be taller than 5'6".

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