What I should do with him?

I met him through a dating app, he is new to the country and i helpped him settle. He said no girl ever done what I've done to him then he proposed. i told him its too good to be true and we were having amazing time till i felt something wrong and i asked he said nothing then disappear. He came back and asked to be friends and i said no after a month he texted saying he miss us. I told him why you broke up with your girl and he said no but he admitted eventually. Once he asked me for a job to a girl he met on the same website but he said im using it to chat only and not dating. I met him again and i felt amazing but recently we been meeting a lot and now he just block me, im not a type of person who text unless he starts and i dont call at all. I feel he used me but same time i can't focus thinking i really like him and getting attached to him
what i should do?


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