What do I do if he's hiding something and what do I do if his ex keeps trying to split us up?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a month and i think he's hiding something from me I don't know what and his ex is trying to interfere and break us up what do i do even though she said she don't like him like that anymore but he showed me messages where she was flirting with him?


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  • It seems to me and Sounds as well, @shelbylyn183 that the Skeleton you thought may have been in the Past... Is Not a Blast.
    You are Surmising that 'I think he's hiding something from me,' and with the 'EX' who is rattling your own cage with 'But he showed me messages where she is flirting with him,' it sure looks like a Sure Sign that they are Both... Still His and Her Anything but History.
    You need to sit him down and have along serious talk with him about this. You see that she is a hindrance and is Not floating away today. Lay some ground rules down that will Hopefully Close this door and bury this Bone... Where maybe they are spending time Alone?
    Good luck. xx

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