GUYS: Am I overreacting? I think my boyfriend "loves" his best friend more than he loves me?

My boyfriend has a 'new' best friend. They are really tight and I think they text everyday. The friend is older than him and my boyfriend looks up to him like a brother.

So anyway, this friend (lets call him Scott) shares the same interest in sneakers as he does. Scott is into cult sneaker brands and likes discovering new indie brands on his own. So Scott introduces his brand helmed by one man to my boyfriend (lets call him Ben) and both fall in love with this guy's stuff and quickly snap up many of his designs. Ben even heads down to this guy's studio to hang out with him on a regular basis (alone, w/o Scott). Ben raves to me about this guy's stuff and tells me this dude is cool. He even bought me some of this brand's stuff.

But suddenly, out of the blue (barely 2 months after this last purchase), Ben tells me he's getting rid of all my stuff from this brand. "Cause it's ugly." I go: "Why? Didn't you use to like it?"
"Actually I didn't think it was that nice from the start." And he fails to adequately explain why, saying he never thought it was that great.

So Ben starts to sell off on eBay everything he bought from this dude and starts to mock/laugh at the 'ugly' designs from this guy together with Scott.

I manage to find out that Scott was the one who started hating this dude's stuff first - which is why Ben also 'decided' that he now hates this guy's stuff. Ben admits to me that Scott knows so much about everything in the sneaker world and has such good taste so if Scott says its ugly it must really be.

It worries me that Scott is SO influential on Ben and that Ben doesn't seem to be able to decide for himself what he likes or doesn't. What if Scott one day tells him I'm not cool enough for Ben? What if he influences Ben to stop seeing me because I'm not 'cool' like them? (I don't like any of the things they like)

Am I overreacting? Guys, your opinions please!


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  • bro, you're the one with the vagina.

    stop worrying.


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  • It honestly depends if he has any other guys to hang out with... If he doesn't then he is only trying to find a friend and have common interests with... Yes it's still wrong and you shouldn't let him get away with stuff like this

  • Just because your boyfriend is easily influenced by him, it doesn't necessarily mean he loves him more than he loves you.
    You should probably have a discussion with your boyfriend about the way the whole situation is making you feel.