What to cook him for dinner?

okay so I know older guys eat the same as younger guys but I'm cooking dinner for a guy I'm interested in and he's 49. All my young boyfriends just wanted to go out and get fast food. Well I really want to impress this guy, so what should cook? Like tell me meat and sides and everything. What would you want a woman to cook for you?


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  • For sure love it when my girlfriend cooks, it gives me a break bc I do most of the cooking.

    Just a suggestion... kind of a comfort food... do a pork loin in a sweet and sour sauce in the crock pot or oven. You can toothpick pineapple rings on the pork-loin. You can stuff it with bread, and some pineapple tidbits, and cranberries if you like or just keep it plain.

    Make sure you baste it occasionally.

    There are lots of good recipes to make the sauce from scratch.

    For the side just steam some plain Basmati rice to go with and serve! You can place the sliced pork loin on the bed of rice and cover in some of the sweet and sour sauce so that the sauce gets into the rice also.

    For dessert I would get some banana's and Cointreau. You put the banana in a frying pan, cover it with Cointreau liquor and light it up to flambe the banana (the Countreau caramelizes onto the banana). Remove the banana and put it in a bowl add some soft serve ice cream on either side and voila! Banana's flambe. It tastes like a warm banana split with sweet orange syrup that is cool and creamy from the soft serve Very Simple yet very tasty! You can add a little handful of raspberries to each for some color and extra flavor if you like.


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  • I can tell you straight away what my other half would want.

    Steak. Chips. Veg/salad. Garlic bread.

    But to be honest, you would be best cooking something you are comfortable making. Don't do something you've never done before and don't have confidence in. Stick with what you know/what you like.


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  • If this is the first meal you are preparing for him, choose something that will show that you know how to cook. Don't choose something that is difficult and which have you worrying about how good it is. Also choose something that doesn't need much attention after it starts cooking, and avoid foods that might be messy to eat (e. g., no matter how careful I am, I always get spaghetti sauce on me.)

    Since you want to impress him, pick a few different menus and ask him to choose. Baked ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and biscuits - that is a basic meal that will please most men. Chicken a la king served over rice, glazed carrots, and broccoli makes a good mid-winter meal. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and carrots, and biscuits satisfies most men.

    Good luck.

  • It doesn't have to be some fancy 7-course French cuisine unless you know, specifically, that he's into this kind of thing.

    For a generic guy, maybe just lots of meat, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, a heart bowl of very chunky and meaty chili with some heat, things of this sort. Usually can't go wrong unless he's vegetarian or something.

    You might watch videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G-a3OCfcdw or from this channel. I doubt too many guys would dislike this kind of food (at least I've never met one, except for vegetarians and vegans and sometimes like a calorie watcher).

  • Cook something you can cook well.

    What can you cook? Few things? Everything?

    • I'm very blessed when it comes to the kitchen so nothing is off limit.

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  • If you're used to watching boys your age eat, you'll have to take all yr estimates of how much food to make, and cut them all in half.

    • Older men eat less then?

    • Oh yeah.

      All 4 of my brothers went through this phase in their 30's where they suddenly realized they were buying too much food -- stuff was going bad in the fridge, because they were still buying according to their appetite from their 20's but they just didn't/couldn't eat as much anymore.

  • I like potatoes with maybe a steak some rice and corn! haha! I am a simple apple I guess.

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