I can't get a girlfriend?

My life won't get any better. I've been rejected by all my crushes, bullied, beaten, spit on, lied to and cheated on by some girls I wanted to give a chance.

I'm afraid I won't have anyone loving me for who I am and decided to end this miserable pain. Thing is, I'm afraid that God will punish me for it..

My last relationship was with someone who tried to abuse me at every corner and only wanted to be with her so I wouldn't end up alone. I punched her so hard once that she needed plastic surgery when she crossed the line because I remembered at that time that I don't even love her, so nothing can go wrong if I treat her like ****..

I was a nice person but now, I can't do it anymore. I just want to end all the suffering that's in my head :(


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  • I hear you, every single woman I have ever wanted to be with, with the exception of ONE who was a sociopath who I had a six year relationshit with and two wonderful I can't even see but still pay for when I want to raise them!, has rejected me. I've had a few girlfriends because I was horny but they were all either batshit crazy or well.. chubby and easy with a combination of other problems, I told them my intentions when I got with them and told them we better stop cause I didn't want to break their hearts.

    Anyway that sums it up for me bro, I'm lonely as hell too and at my wits end. Hang in there pal you are younger then me you still have time. Don't settle for escorts or do not lower your standards EVER, or else you will be in for a heartbreak like I was.

    My ex of six years abused the fuck out of me mentally physically extorted me blackmailed... everything now she manipulates the court and uses parental alienation on my kids and I. IT IS HELL

    There is only one thing worse and that is actually being tortured and experimented on by a foreign nation or aliens.

    Fuck their games and blast some Metallica "Nothing else Matters"

    • Don't do bro! I am in a situation right now that most guys would off themselves over. I don't want to go into details about it, it was an accident I'll leave it at that, but use this time to make yourself hardened in a good way - while softer more empathetic to others in similar situations in the future. You can change the world trust me, nothing at least worth its weight in shit in this world came easy - the best things are the hardest to get.

      Now think about that last statement and apply it to women bro. A good woman isn't easy, not for some douche like me with abs (not that I'm easy - or that girls even want me because they don't bro - unless they are crazy skanks for a ONS) not for some wealthy play boy with awesome wavy hair that can tell jokes like Seth McFarland, dude they want a man who is real and who has been through the burner and who has patience.

      Nikola Tesla - single all his life and a loner
      Some of the best explorers and fighters - single all their life and loners.