Can aguy in his early 20's with no hair still be attractive enough to get an attractive looking girl the same age?


First off I just want it stated I'm not some guy looking for hookups, I do only want something legit, that said I was raised in a very military family where some aspects of life are absolute, romance being one of them. I was taught that humans are physical creatures and that we need strong physical attraction to a partner initially to truly value the person, which I strongly believe, I simply would not date a girl I didn't find very physically attractive even if it meant I'm alone my whole life-better that than a plain or average girl to me at least. So some may call me shallow for valuing looks so much but that's human and I'm unashamed, it's not like I'm trying to rack up a sex count.

Anyway at 18 my body went through a mild shock, to help itself recover it cut resources to non essential functions-main one being hair, so while women recover from this men's hair does not at times since testosterone attacks follicles in men, I have to shave my head bald now or it looks thin and sickly, yeah it sucked by I grew used to it and by some miracle pull it off okay, so I wasn't too worried, until I heard some people say no hair was equivalent to being overweight etc or extremely unattractive etc. yes I know some girls won't date a guy with no hair but this made it sound like any attractive girl would say no.

So please be honest and try to judge using you're own social circles, girls if you yourself dislike bald but know a number a good looking girls who don't mind vote that a guy could, this isn't about individual tastes it meant more for what your intuition on the majority mindset towards bald is.

Just to give a taste by what's good looking to me; a girl has to be very slender, be lighter complexioned and have a very pretty face, there's no leeway on those aspects, I really don't like the numbers scale but please just to help give context in text, I'd say most girls I like are about 7-8 range in looks, again don't like numbers but to give an idea.

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  • No, this young I'd say most girls especially attractive would find baldness a deal breaker or at least a turn off
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I get some may disagree about the looks thing and I'm not saying there isn't some subjectivity to attractiveness but generally, it's one size fits most for what's attractive, as I said be honest, I'm not overly worried as I'm actually complemented a lot on how well I look bald, and even if I wasn't decent looking I still would be alone before I'd even consider lowering standards
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  • I'm happy to see I was totally wrong.! Judging by the results