Date or just friends hanging out?

So this guy I really like asked me for my number last Wednesday and then that Thursday he asked me if I would want to "Hang out" bc he said he really wants to get to know me more and he would love to spend more time with me. So I agreed and we went and got a bite to eat before our college prep class and it went really well. We have a ton in common, he asked about my goals and what I want my future to look like, he even made a joke about him being a part of it. It was great there were no awkward lulls in the conversation. He asked about another guy in our class that I talk to a lot he asked if I like him and he seemed kinda embarrassed but serious while asking that (I think he was trying to see if there was competition there).
He texted me immediately after class ended and said that he had an amazing time and he definitely wants to hang again as long as I'm okay with that. So was that a date? Or does he think of me as a friend?


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  • I think it was kind of like a date. He did say he wants to get to know you better. And since you and him went out and ate. I consider it a date.


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