Am I wasting my time? Should I back off a little bit & stop texting first?

So basically there's this boy that I'm attracted to & I'd like to get to know him better to see if it'll go anywhere. All started when he favorited a picture of mines LOL we started to flirt & I gave him my number he texted me right away! I ended up finding out that he's cousins with a kinda close friend of mines & she told me that he asked her about me, whenever I see her she brings him up as if she knows that he's into me like she'll tease me & call him my boyfriend all that crap, but that's not the vibe I'm getting from him. He is in college (both of us different college 20 mins apart) & is big on playing basketball trying to be in the NBA etc. so I understand that he's busy at times, but I'm always texting him first & he does always reply back but we've been texting for a few months & i'm literally always texting first. I've brought it up & he said it's not intentional he's busy with basketball & school after I brought it to his attention for a few days after he'd text me first he'd send me a "good morning" picture of him on Snapchat but then he stopped & I ended up texting first again. We had one big conversation when I asked him if I annoy him he said "no if he makes it seem that way that he's sorry he's just easily distracted" I told him I don't wanna waste my time if he's feeling me or not let me know & he said "it's not that easy" not once has he ever said he's not interested but he also never straight forward said he is either! He does respond to my texts & ask me for advice with his hair & clothes. He does things that makes me think he's into me but also things that makes me think he's not. He knows I'm into him. I'm use to boys that are into me flirting 24/7 always wanting to text me & wanting to chill or meet up with me. We haven't hung out once he's always had an excuse & recently I said "I wonder why we haven't chilled yet" he said "that's a good question"... does that mean he wants to chill? I feel like if I don't text first we won't talk!!! ------ S

So should I just stop texting him to see if he thinks about me enough to want to text me?


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  • Sorry to say this but I think his interest level is fairly low. It doesn't mean he is completely not interested but if he is really into you, he would have done more. He would texts you first more often and made the effort to come see you. This is true especially if you already gave him the green light. I think you should just move on if he doesn't make a move. Also, he may just end up using you given that you are so available and he can just have anything he wants.


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