Is he just playing?

do you think guy loves me if he repeatedly hurts my feelings?


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  • People who care about you don't want to be the cause of your pain and tears. They want to be the reason why you smile, and feel happy.

    If someone keeps hurting you, then you should be asking yourself why you are allowing them to hurt you over and over again. You are setting your own standards of how you are treated , by letting it continue


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  • There is a girl that I have amazing chemistry with, but everything got very complicated. We both still contact each other from time to time, but it usually just ends with one or both of us getting our feelings hurt. But the chemistry was so amazing that it's hard for either of us to abandon all hope.

    But those are very rare cases. Generally (almost always), if someone constantly hurts your feelings (although I feel a little uneasy jumping to this conclusion since you haven't quantified how exactly he keeps hurting your feelings), then they don't care much about you or they are someone that you're better off without anyway.

  • Knowingly hurts your feelings or something he says, unbeknownst to him, hurts your feelings.

    • I dont understand

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    • It feels like it. Things he is texting to me, or things that he is saying to me, maybe some actions ( he knows I dont like it), when I say it makes me cry, he do not care, although he is saying he loves me. He is trying to make me feel like it is my fault, that I am the worst and I am the player not him... he mess with my head so bad

    • Ok, here's a sip of fresh air:
      First, this is not love
      Second, you are both what..17-18?
      Third, this sounds easier than it is, but man up and tell him to fuck off. Seriously, you want peace of mind, you need to stand up for yourself. You're like a punching bag right now and he is too much of dick.

  • No..


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  • Oh my dear;
    Have no fear;
    But as children we are taught;
    That if a boy was bullying you and fought;
    Then chances are he like you;
    But listen up;
    You wonderful cup;
    That that isn't love;
    For love is when someone cares for you;
    Share some sweetness and feelings too;
    If he keeping playing games;
    Then you have no right to walk this wall of shame;
    So be clear and ask him straight;
    " you gotta be so mean to me, and full of hate?"
    "If you like me, that is great!"
    "But hurting my feelings, that's too much to take!!"

  • No if he hurts your feelings he doesn't love you