Guys, Guys: should I tell him when I'm free, or just wait for him to ask me out?

I met this guy last week, and we've been talking throughout the week. At the end of our little hang out session that night, he said "let me know when you're free to get drinks." (I hate that - don't do that; even if it's just a casual first date. I hate it because my weekend fills up really fast and I want to go out with him, but I'm not cancelling my other plans.) I attempted to throw it back at him with "That would be fun, but you plan it!" and he said "we'll figure something out." I can tell he's interested, but I've never actually been in the situation before where the ball could be in my court.

Should I casually ask about drinks? Tell him my plans for the weekend? Or just wait for him to plan it? I do think he'll ask me, but my weekend nights are already booked except for Friday, and I would hope that he asks me instead of waiting for me to tell him what I'm doing


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  • Wait for him to ask. If he takes to long to figure things out then suggest going out for drinks.

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