How tall does a good looking guy need to be, for you to be attracted to him?

Sorry this has probably been asked before, but I'm sure you realise it's never satisfying to look at someone else's question :)!

I'm somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11... and there are a reasonable number of shorter girls than me.
I've never really been an outgoing guy (until recently!) so I just wondered...

Theoretically speaking if a guy was very, very handsome... how much would you care about his height?
Would it matter if he was only slightly taller than you?
What if he was shorter than you?

  • Must be a lot taller than me
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  • Must be at least slightly taller than me (or taller)
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  • Must be at least about my height (or taller)
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  • Must at least be only a little bit shorter than my height (or taller)
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  • Height doesn't bother me
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What Girls Said 1

  • Slightly taller or taller.


What Guys Said 2

  • dont worry about posting a question topic that has already been covered. re-posting is what keeps the site going, since content is limited to people's interest.

    the answer I see the most is, "as long as he's taller than me"

  • There are lots of short guys who are considered good looking by peeps: Ian sommerholder for one or dave franco. So if you are supposedly "good looking" they would probably overlook height a bit.

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