What do I do for my first ever date?

I asked a guy out, altough Im kind of shy about it all. He agreed and we are going to the movies, I still have some time, but I am so nervous, what does EVERYTHING mean. Any advice? Also, what should I wear?

If someone likes awkwardnes, this is how I asked him out:a
Me: *pokes guy* Uhm... I just wanted to ask you if... umm... nevermind.
Him:Huh? No, no tell me.
Me:Iwantedtoaskyouifyouwouldliketogooutwithme to the cinema?
Him:Yeah sure, just after the holidays? Since we have an important competition.
Him:Yeah, lets discuss it later.

PS:i have tons of questions like this on my account.

Ah so, yeah story is long so I explain:
He was the first one into me so we became great friends and hung out, but suddenly he started ignoring me, and now its vice versa, im into him. So that is why I am afraid of being rejected by him.


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  • Normally quoting Shia Lebeouf would destroy any semblence of reliability in anything I say, but I feel now is appropriate.
    That is to say, go out there, be yourself, yadda yadda, generic input.
    I mean, I'm sure this is some kind of generalization and I'm totally wrong, but I feel like it's easier for a girl to get a guy than vice versa. Right? No? I dunno, I'm a dude. But from what I've seen, seems legit.
    Anyway, yeah. Just do watcha gotta do, and things shouldn't go wrong at all. Then it's just a matter of if you'd both like to do it again.

  • No advice. Go in there as yourself. That's it. You're already past the hard part, and most girls will never get that far (because they don't ask the guy out).

  • Don't over think and you'll be fine.


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