Do you think multi dating is necessary for online dating?

Do you think when using online dating that it's best to see at least a few other people on the side if you can in case some of them don't work out?

I've been multi dating myself over the years of using dating sites, not to be a player and get with many women as I can but to find the right one and it still hasn't panned out in terms of actually getting a relationship.

I just figure since women get so many messages, especially if they're decent looking, they're going to have way more opportunities than guys do. You can't just think you're the only one your online date is talking to. I think multi dating is a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because it gives you more options but it's also bad because it can be overwhelming where you like different traits about each one, especially if you're seeing over 4. And while you could have a great date with someone, that date could still disappear and have went with someone they liked better. It's easier for a girl to make her pick than a guy by a long shot.

Having said that, when you do multi date, what do you think is the best limit of people so you don't stretch yourself too thin and how do you manage it?

I just think the shitty thing is with online dating that I feel like I'm in an endless cycle of dating a girl until I don't hear from her and then the cycle continues.


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  • Well, it depends how long this "multi dating" goes on for. If you're talking to four different people online and set up a first date with all of them, I think that's fine. You're just getting to know them. And with online dating, chances are that after a lot of those first dates you're going to stop talking to them. If I have a first date on Tuesday I think it's fine to have a date with another guy set up for Friday, because after Tuesday I might realize that it's not going to work with the first time.
    But it becomes a problem when you KEEP talking to multiple people, and keep dating multiple people. After the first date I might give a guy a second chance if I'm not sure of how I feel, but after 2-3 dates I can feel if I don't have a connection with a guy. So I would say after 2-3 dates you need to narrow down who you are dating.

    • That makes sense. Yeah no reason to keep seeing people you're not into but also not see more if you're really feeling it with a person you've had 3+ dates with.

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