Do you use motives to try and get someone's attention, instead of being straight up?

My ex of 3 years left me for someone else a month ago (was NC for 1 month and couple days til she reached out randomly) , she already jumped in a relationship with him. But lately she keep texting me random stuff or doing things to put herself in my orbit.

A week and half ago she commented on my best friend picture talking about some random stuff then 2 days later she commented on my brother picture about his family. ( but when we was together she never spoke to them only when I brought them around)

4 days ago she random texted me asking "how was my vacation" I did reply for a little then i just disappeared

today she randomly text me saying "this guy I worked with said he went to school with you saw on my facebook page and saw pictures of us together and started asking about us, I thought it was funny" lol but the dude she Said I don't even know.

What would be your motives if you was doing this to guy?

i see it as she's having the grass really isn't green on the other side sydrome, I felt I was the best I was to her for those years but since she can up and leave like I'm nothing that's her problem.


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  • She is probably trying to be friendly towards you. I have no clue to what her motives might be though. Maybe she is keeping you around as a 2nd option when anything else fails?


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  • You're probably right, she now realises that you were better than this other dude she jumped into a relationship with. now she's trying to slow ease back into your life. Cut her out completely.