Chatterbox in person but doesn't respond to texts?

Me and this girl have been talking for about a month and a half now. In person, she she'll usually initiate contact and talk to me, usually asking questions about myself (how my classes going, etc) just checking up on me and WILLING to have a conversation. Whenever I text her however, she will text unbelievably fast but then doesn't respond after the initial text. Exactly what is going up with her? Is she not interested?

I also asked her on a date before. It was very awkward but she ended up saying yes anyway. She ended up cancelling though because something dire and urgent came up and she was in the process of moving.


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  • I am chatty cathy extraordinaire, and I often completely forget the very existence of entire modes of communication for hours or even days at a time.

    Text, voicemail, various e-mails, line, whatsapp, social media... plus severe ADHD... equals oh shit! I should probably return these messages from 11 days ago, here.

    I wouldn't read too much into it.

  • She might not be interested in you in that way or she hates texting and / or is busy. I personally hate texting but can hold a conversation well in person.


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