Why don't guys ask me out?


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  • Will you go out with me?


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  • There could be a million reasons why. It is impossible to answer without more details.
    It could be anything from...
    1.) Exposure -- If you stay inside at home and never see any guy at someplace outside (or online) you'll never have a guy ask you out.

    2.) Looks/Personality -- Looks and personality tend to be what people base who they want to date. If your looks/personality don't match up with what a guy wants, chances are he won't ask you out.

    3.) You look taken -- If it looks like you are taken, people have a less chance of asking you out. I. e. If you sit at a bar with a friend talking who is a dude, other dudes may make the conclusion "oh she is taken already"

    4.) You look uninterested -- Example: You are sitting at a bar. A guy asks "Mind if I buy you a drink?" You say, "no" and proceed to ignore him / give him a cold shoulder and look away. That example may seem extreme, but if you look uninterested, a guy may talk but won't proceed to ask you out. No one likes rejection.

    And the list goes on and on...

    I mean, if you are too concerned, you could always ask a guy out.


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  • I need more information. Do you reject guys, have you ever had a boyfriend, etc?