He doesn't text me right away but he's all over social media?

Okay why do people do this? And this isn't a one time thing. He does it a lot. Usually the there's an hour or two wait between text for the both of us. I do it so I don't look clingy. And I have an actual life. But he's on social media retweeting and stuff when I clearly texted him. Why do guys do this? Also he gets mad when I did it, called me it on it too. So what gives? Is he not interested?


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  • Either he's trying not to look clingy either or he's just not that interested.

    • Why would he get mad about it though?

    • A lot of guys want things their way whether it makes them a hypocrite or not.

    • Sigh. That's annoying but thank you !

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  • Not just guys but girls do it too.
    It's most likely that he is distracted with social media.
    Men are simple creatures and tend to not be able to multi task.
    Chances are he looked at your text and thought about responding but got distracted.
    Or maybe he's trying not to seem desperate either.
    It's some weird stupid game we guys and girls made up. Some stupid rule not to text asap but rather wait for an hour.
    When you see him in person just play it cool and be like, "Yoh! So like you take forever to text back but I see you ass in on social media," and laugh about it.

    • True. It's annoying though. I definitely want to confront him about it.

    • Yeah let him know but make sure to say it light hearted and laugh about it.

    • Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it

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  • lol you do it to not look clingy... really? thats stupid.

    • If you don't have good advice or you're here to be bitter this isn't the time or place so you can go

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  • It's a b lot easier to just repost things on a computer than to have a conversation. You said yourself you take an hour, he gets bored, gets into a game or the computer adoring and then doesn't realize you have texted.

  • i'm in the same boat as you are... sorry for not having an opinion but i just want to keep a tab on what others say.

    • Perfectly fine. It's annoying. I don't think he realizes that it's making me lose interest.

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    • "my" guy returned with his ex a few weeks ago. :(

    • It's okay girl you'll find somebody new

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