Am I to understand that it is a lose lose situation for women when it comes to dating and getting respect?

I have noticed a reoccurring theme on gag

Before I deleted my account I saw a question a girl asked. I believe she was anon:

She asked why men are only approaching her for sex even though she dresses covered and wears clothes that do not look sexual. I'm not quoting her but she said she wears clothes that cover up.

Most users said that guys ask her for sex because they think that the way she dresses shows low self esteem, again I'm just paraphrasing here. They also said the guys asked for sex because they take her covered up clothing as a sign of she may be an easy lay.

However, if a girl dresses in a nice way that shows off her best features, and wonders why guys approach her for sex, most users will say because it's because she may come off as easy to guys too

So pretty much either way the girl is going to be approached for sex by guys even though she wants a relationship

Yet most men complain when a girl does not open her legs, immediately whild they have been dating, but if she has sex on the second date or third, the guy will think of her as a fuck buddy and lose respect for her

Not just on gag but in real life


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  • I think proper dating is in decline for both genders, but women might be seeing the effect more? It can be challenging to find a respectable date.
    ***Generalizations ahead beware, does not apply to everyone***
    In my opinion the culture of dating in our generation overall has started to shift from long term relationships to quick hook ups. It might be because technology makes it easier to hookup and move on. For some that is more desirable because they get what they need and there are no feelings attached.

  • The key here is most, not all. I know girls that dress sexy just to tease. There's also a lot of guys that are more than willing to take their time. I know that doesn't cover everything but thought I'd add my 2 cents in.

    • Not just girls who dress sexy, but girls who also dress nice to show their features without being revealing

  • You are making a common error. Just as women do not all do

    • Do not all do the same thing, neither do men. There is a class of guys who are fixated on having sex with as many women as possible to meet some weird standard of male behavior. They do this by "working the numbers" the more women they ask for sex, the better their chances. They approach ALL women clothed or unclothed interested or not. They are frequently also the ones who have weird theories about how women are dressed versus their success rate. Its usually just silliness.

    • These guys are not going to give any woman respect because to them, women are not human beings, they are just counters or trophies.

      Now these guys talk more and are more visible than all the other guys, but they are actually the MINORITY of guys.

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