Girls, Advice on starting a message on OKC?

So after somewhat long winter slumper and seeing how we don't exactly have much of a winter this year in Canada, thank god. I decided to go back to dating. Now being the way I am "a loner, with a capital L and rest in caplocks" I'm not overly amazing at IRL stuff, thus like most I'm generation 2.0 or 1.0 whichever it is proabably 1.0 (Dial up brings back good memories).

Anyways. What is a good way for a first message?

My usual choices are:

Hey hows it going, what type of a dog you go? (assuming they list that they have a dog)
Hey, sunshine hows it going?
Hey, hows it going? What college/uni program you attenting?
Hey hows it going? You up for a game of 21 questions? :D

About it. My creativity takes a big fart after that and then simply dies. Yep thats the way I am. Silly (tiny-bit), bit weird (in a good way), uber fucking random (so-so) and somehow I'm still pretty profesional and mature person. Fuck my ex who I met on OKC was surprised our convos were clean, and never took a turn to dumster minding (you know having your mind a dumpster...)

So what will you advice?


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  • Here's my advice: Don't call her sunshine. That's weird. (Okay, maybe if you're in a relationship and that's a pet name, then fine. But not for a first message lol).
    If she lists that she has a dog, it's good to ask about that, because people love to talk about their pets (and if she didn't want to talk about her dog, she wouldn't have said she has a dog). But you will need to be able to keep the conversation going. If she says she has a beagle, you can't just say "cool" and that's it. If she talks about her dog and asks about yours, you can't just say "oh i don't have one" and end it awkwardly. Talking about pets is a good way to start a convo, but you will need to keep talking about animals or find a way to change the subject.
    Asking about college is usually my go-to conversation starter for online dating, but you have to make sure that they mentioned they go to college. Otherwise it can be really awkward if you ask where they go and they respond "I never went to college." But I really like talking about school because there's so many things to say. You can talk about your major, talk about your career plans, talk about class schedules (ugh early morning classes), talk about dorm life and roommates, etc. You can have a long convo about school and learn a lot about a person.
    21 questions is just an okay way to start. Unfortunately, a lot of dumb guys out there will say "Let's play 20 questions" and the questions are all "What's your bra size? Are you wet? Do you like giving blowjobs?" and stupid stuff like that. So when a guy asks if I want to play 20 questions, I am apprehensive and worried he might ask dumb questions. (It is okay to play a questions game, but ask better questions like "Do you have any pets? What is your dream career?" etc.