Is he nervous to talk/hang out with me?

so I asked this guy to hangout and then we were trying to figure out things to do and he goes

"well I think its your turn to pick, its very stressful trying to figure that stuff out"

so why is he stressed? we are just hanging out I don't see why he cannot come up with an idea

and I'm NOT making this a big deal lol I just think he may like me as more than a friend because he asked my friend how I was doing instad of asking me directly and so could he just be nervous to talk to me?

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  • In todays society a lot of pressure is put on males. We feel like we have to be these exciting fly dudes who always know where the parties at or where the cool places are. Sometimes we are just don't know you well enough to know what YOU like to do. We always know what we think is fun to do, but that may be lame and he wants to impress you. OR, the flip side to this, he isn't into you and he doesn't care where you two go. He doesn't care much at all about the date to begin with. But if he's asking your friend about you, I'd most likely go with the first one. Good luck. :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • And I think what he said was something a wuss would say. A real keeper is a confident guy and shows leadership naturally. You don't wanna go for those that don't, just keep that in mind. I personally like to be random and unpredictable, which are two traits you should also keep in mind. Tell him not to leave the decision to the girl and actually tell him to surprise you with different things to do. Also, if the guy you like is already stressed over "choosing what to do" then you're in for some laughter. Hahahaha. Here's my answer to your question and his statement: Tell him "I figured out what I want to do, I want nothing to do with you anymore =)" Then walk away and seriously get something better. Good Luck!

  • Ummm. I think he was probably just being dramatic. I wouldn't over analyze it if I were you. Just fix the problem so he can't be dramatic about it. Find something to do! ;-)


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  • He could have just been joking. And even if he is stressed it doesn't mean he likes you. And for asking your friend that could just be him making conversation with one of your friends.