He's all over me when it's just us, but when there's other people around he won't even stand close to me?

I've been talking to this boy for a month now, we just kissed today (which is really soon but I just couldn't resist, anyways) We really like each other, but he seems to not like me as much when there's other people around.. For instance, he'll walk in front of me, or behind me at school. Never next to me.. when it's me and him, he can't even keep his hands off!! It's like I'm seeing 2 different people at once. I asked him why he never wants to be seen with me, & he claims that his family will snitch on him for being in a relationship. (religion) BUT, he has dated plenty of other people before me.. I don't know if it's something wrong with him or me. 😔😔😔


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  • Question; is he Muslim?

    • Yes he is. And the school we go too, that's a common religion.. (also, I don't know if this has anything to do with it but he's Arabic, and I'm African American)

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    • I definitely will.. & If he brushes it off (which I think he will) I'll think about everything you said & never talk to him again! I'm not interested in being a a secret girlfriend. .
      But anyways, thank you so much fr even replying haha

    • Take care; and again I'm so sorry!

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