Is it too late? what's his deal:(?

After a night out a year ago we slept together. Than a few weeks later he then asked me out on a date. We had a great time together, and did not have sex. We hung out again a few days after. I was still in my last semester of school then, so the time we spent time together was over the holidays but I then went back to school, 3 hours away. We never really talked about what we were then. We talked a bit throughout the semester and we hooked up a few times when I would go home. I just assumed it was casual. When I moved back to the city after the semester, eight months ago (where he lives) things were just different from when we'd actually hungout and went on dates. I wanted to date him but I felt he didn't like me anymore, so we just continued to hooking up, I'd see him every weekend usually when we went out. Then a few months ago he tried to kiss me, and I didn’t let him so he left the bar. I think he felt rejected by me. He got really upset with me and avoided me and we didn't hook up for a 2 months. We all went to a festival a week after that happend and he told his friend he was pissed that I was going, but I didn't know that, and he avoided me. But 2 months after we resumed sleeping together. But I was talking to other guys and would hook up with other guys, and he didn't sleep with anyone else. He called me mean once because I was talking to another guy on the phone.. Two months ago he pissed me off when we were drunk, so I sent him a message saying “I liked him but were better off being just friends” He didn't reply, and I asked him about it and said “if thats how you feel”. We ended up having a drunk convo 2 weeks later and He told me what I said really upset him. He opened up a lot to me and said he is scared of being hurt and rejected. I told him I really do like him and he said he liked me also. When I said I did really care about him he was in disbelief.. But Im moving away for work in two weeks. We slept together twice afte


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  • Seems like there's a lot of miscommunication going on, but there are attempts at getting it right. That's good.

    I say you both need to basically talk it out as to what you both want. Do you want to be in a monogamous relationship with him or not? Does he want to be in a monogamous relationship with you or not?

    • what do you mean attempts? I do want to be with him but Im leaving now so it changes things

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    • I get people handle thins differently, but I really want to fix things before I go and I don know how if he won't meet to talk about it

    • Like I said before there's nothing you can do.

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  • This is just a mess. The two of you should have sat down and talked about what you are and what you want to be, a long time ago. You should do that now, but don't expect anything serious to blossom from this since you're moving away, and very few people are truly interested in LDRs. Just quit playing games with each other and be straightforward for once, without the help of alcohol.

    • I know we should have done this a long time ago. But I think for me there just wasn't any pressure thought we had all the time in the world to figure thins out.. until I found out im moving, it changed things. Now we dont have all the time. We were sort of on the right track recently to talking.. yes I want to be honest and staright up and realistic