How can I get closure from him?

I need closure from a guy in the worst way that it's affecting my health. I can't move on, I can't date other people, I can't even get sexually excited for someone else besides him, and I want to move forward.

I've had people not want to be involved with me romantically, but to have someone not even want to know me as a friend, as a person, makes me feel like a monster. I know the reasons why he didn't want me are negative and will hurt, but I NEED to hear them. Not to argue with them, I accept that he doesn't want to be with me and respect him for it, but for my peace of mind, to know that it is complete and absolute. This I must have.

How do I talk to him? How can I ask him to help me let him go? Please advise me, I don't want to be in this stasis anymore.


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  • The why's don't matter because there's nothing you can do about them anyway. Can't be friends with everyone

    • They do matter bc I can't move on without them. I need to hear them. This I must have even if we can't be friends. I just need them.

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    • You're a troll. I'm reporting you.

    • I'm not a troll. I just tell it like it is. A troll would never post with their user name showing

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  • Maybe therapy? I usually just get some ice cream and watch movies.

    • And you can't hope for closure. Think of he like a stepping stone for finding Mr. right for you.