Should I tell ( her ) my crush that it makes me uncomfortable that her ex boyfriend of 3 years back starts texting her?

We really like each other but it bothers me, out of nowhere he starts texting her. the situation is already complicated as it is, the last thing she needs is another person mixing in. She however did tell of this out of her own admission and even send me a screenshot of his message and her reply. i trust her but it makes me just wonder all day if he could be texting her, I've chosen not to have any contact with past relationships and offer my exes no chance to contact me, if they haven't blocked me so far.


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  • If you're only 'crushing' on each other, then it may not be appropriate to tell her that. If you were in a relationship though, then you even have the right to dump her for being in touch with her ex.

    • i agree, i do notice she is really trying to keep me hooked, it feels like she is making me jealous , yesterday evening she texted me that she is scared that one day i would just stop texting her out of nowhere, it bothers her a lot. I would never stop texting her but i do want her to take steps forward, end her relationship, move on, break of any contact with ex relationships , we like each other a lot and for me telling her she can't write with others isn't appropiate but she would not like it if i would be texting others girls, or show her texts like that. she doesn't want to lose me , and yes i think she is just showing me how badly people want her, she is handsome, but she is someone who needs a person that understands her, as much as i need someone like that. we udnerstand each other really good.