This girl said she is waiting for me to ask for her number?

I joined an online dating site and met a girl on there, while i was chating to her she asked me if its been a while since i hit on a girl. i asked why because she said she is waiting for me to ask for her number. keep in mind this was the first time i messaged her.

Now that i got her number we been talking aback and forth, but it is so hard talking to her. reason being is, she responds very quickly like a min or 2. but most of the times gives me short answers, and its really annoying to be honest. I know we just met and all, but if you don't want to talk tell me.

She told me about her ex and she has asked me one or two questions, but still. she kinda makes it hard, like i must carry the conversation. its highly annoying.


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  • Either encourage her to talk more by straight up telling her that playing hard to get is not something you look for in a girl, or simply stop talking to her. Some girls are too shy and think they will come off as clingy if they even show the smallest amount of interest, which is dumb. Other girls feel entitled to all of the effort a man can put into it, yet feel no obligation to reciprocate. If she's the first type of girl, she will feel reassured by your encouragement and will eventually be more and more comfortable with initiating and being more active. If she's the second type of girl, she will most likely not care at all and keep acting hard to get because she loves the attention and self-entitlement.
    If she doesn't change within a few days, maybe a week, then just drop her and move on. No point in wasting any more time than that on someone who doesn't know how to interact with others.


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  • Then quit talking to her.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • Pure and simple, she sounds like the kind of girl who expects to progress in an online relationship. She will grow bored of messaging; more than a week with no suggestion of a meeting will make her ghost. I was like that as well; a few days of messaging to be sure we will at least get along, then let's just meet. Anything else is a waste of time and energy :)

    Bottom line, suggest coffee soon.


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