How can I deal with him without jumping into conclusions?

I met this guy outside of the courthouse and we catched up for a coffee and drinks, walked in town and met up with a few people. He later friend requests me on facebook and we started talking. He has things going on in his life. He left a domestic violence relationship after his ex stabbed him a few times, leaving him scars. Because of how he took onto his exes dad and broken his nose, he may be going to jail in March. On those terms, he is trying to have a good life but I don't think he is trying to have a better life. Since his ex saw him with me at the coffee shop, she had been harassing him begging to take her back but he claimed to refuse. I went to his house to sleepover and we had sex all night, waking up and doing it again. Besides that, he told me he really liked me and wanted to see me often, but I believe he is still getting himself in the position about his ex. He had stopped messaging me last two days. He promised to see me today but never followed up. I'm let down. I trusted him but it feels like he only wants me when it suits him. I don't know what to do. I really liked him when I first met him and I thought he was a kind gentleman that took care of me. I don't know if he is the same person as I thought. What do I do


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  • True I think he wants you when he feels like seeing you. I hope he hasn't lost interest. When a guy distants themselves that is normally a sign. And he may contact you randomly to hang out. I hope he didn't use you to get the ex jealous.


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