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So i can admit i wasn't the best boyfriend. I will go through her phone & social media to make sure she wasn't cheating. At times i will get mad because i'd find things i didn't like and this is where we'd fight many times. I only did this because i felt something wasn't right. As in she wasn't giving me 100% attention or also know as not fully committed. My girlfriend soon dumped me for another dude. She then comes back running 6 months later since it didn't work out and i voluntarily admitted i slept/dated with a girl she does not like. Now she got mad and is not talking to me & threaten me with the cops if i ever reach to her again. I could of lied but i like to be honest.

I miss her like heck. Should i just let destiny play its role with this one or forget her and move on?


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  • Sounds like your relationship is full of uhhh holes.
    Best if you fix your behavior before jumping on the wagon again.
    Learn to trust; and communicate properly.
    You don't want to be with someone who threatens you with the cops. Sounds like she has issues of her own.
    Two broken people= no so great relationship.


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  • I know you asked for girl's advice, but when a girl threatens to call the cops, it's seriously game over. But it doesn't sound like this kind of girl is the type with whom you can sustain anything permanent.

    But this has wrong written all over to me. If your relationship sounds like a court case presenting testimonies and trying to judge who acted fairly, it's not a relationship, it's a trial.

    Love isn't about justice, it's about attraction and sharing and mutual interest. A trial kind of scenario is the precise opposite of that.

    The most important thing to remember in future relationships is to keep an open stream of communication. This is usually harder for the guy's side, the tendency is usually to step back when the girl kind of throws what seems like an emotional jab (could be by accident, she might just do or say something that bothers you). Just like in boxing, that intuitive move to step backwards is wrong, losing your footing and backing you in a corner. Running out of the ring also disqualifies you.

    So the easiest way to overcome that is move forward, hug her, get the intimacy going kind of physically, and it'll be easier to communicate. Keep it light, easy, fun. Don't escalate. A relationship that's a drag is generally going to scare away one partner.


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  • Learn from your mistakes and move on.. that's the quickest way to end up where you want to be... especially in relationships


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  • You poor... indoctrinated... feminist

  • I guess you could wait it out, don't know how she could be mad if you were with someone else when she dumped you and was with another guy all the while