Why doesn't he want to kiss me?

we stated talkin som months back , everthin was going good then I told him that I was feelin ,then he said he and his ex was workin things out , but I said if we can still be friends, couz I think his was pretty cool and he said the same thin too, last week he ask me if we can hangout at his dad house and we did, and also the next day, but when we were togather we were sating really close togather and I could feel the vibe and I thought he was gonna kiss me , and I was hoppin he will, but he didn't , when he see me at school he will com up to me and talk to me, and he want to hangout this weedend too, so I don't really know if he likes me or not, and if he do why is he takein so long to make a move. I just want to k if he like me or if he just want to be friends, or should I make the first move.


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  • He isn't going to make a move because you are friends. He did tell you that he was trying to work things out with his ex. Respect what he told you and be a friend. This is the reason why a lot of people don't try to remain friends with someone they dated, because the person doesn't quite believe them and keeps hoping they will make a move. Keep in mind even if he isn't really moving forward with his ex, it may have been his nice way of letting you down and keeping you as a friend. He may just not be that attracted to you beyond friendship.