Girls, what would you think of a guy you were dating if he told you he'd done steroids in the past?

I started lifting weights for sports when I was in intermediate school, and I've continued ever since. After I graduated HS, I started training at this professional training facility under the guidance of a fomer powerlifter and bodybuilder. I did several cycles of several different steroids under his guidance. They helped me to get bigger and leaner, but I didn't want to continue for fear of what they would do to my endocrine system over the long term.

I've never told any of the girls I've dated that I've done steroids. Most girls love my muscle, but I fear that they would lose respect for me in general if they found out that I've taken these drugs in the past. It's not that I've "cheated" or anything, it's just that I think some girls associate steroids with weirdos, criminals and muscle freaks. So I'm just curious, what girls would think if a guy they were dating told them this?


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  • Honestly, I wouldn't care at all. People do a lot of crazy stuff to make themselves more attractive and more confident in their appearance. Girls get boob jobs, nose jobs, hair extensions, etc. to make themselves look more appealing to guys. Guys do things to get themselves more attractive, too. In your case, you did steroids to get bigger and more muscular. You did what you had to do. In a way, I actually respect that, as long as no one go hurt by it.

    Things are competitive out there in the dating world. Everyone only wants the top guys and girls, so we have to do what we can to make ourselves attractive. I respect guys like you a lot more than these whiny guys who complain weakly that girls aren't just offering them pussy. Guys need to work hard to make themselves attractive if they want the best girls.

    It sounds like you're a hard worker who was just looking for an edge, and I understand that. I wouldn't lose any respect at all for you as long as you weren't doing it for some childish or ridiculous reason.

    • Thanks, that's pretty much why I did them. Growing up I had to work hard not be skinny-fat, which is my natural body shape. Even after lifting for a long time it was hard to get really lean and gain the size I wanted. Like I was only able to get a six pack after I did a cycle. It was more amazing at killing body fat, like I looked soft before it and more boyish, but afterwards I had a more manly look.

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    • I'm 6.5" long and 6" in girth.

    • That's big. I would be more than happy with that. It sounds like you're on the right path. Just get yourself lean so you can show it off. One of my former fwbs does steroids from time to time just to lean up, and it certainly doesn't hurt his game!

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  • If you're not ready to reveal your past, then do not.
    We all have skeletons in our closet.
    You should only reveal those skeletons when you feel you are close enough with that person.
    Hopefully, they will love you enough to not judge you.
    We've all made decisions we weren't proud of (whether that be extreme or minor), so I can relate to you in that sense.
    It's okay.
    It's great you stopped yourself before you developed a addiction to that substance.

  • My brother was forced to take steroids when he was a toddler because of health issues.
    Honestly don't feel the need to bring it up right away but slowley bring it up in the conversation.
    Honestly I don't mind and could careless but it more has to do with your health and making sure you are fine physically and we'll as mentally.

    • Yes, but your brother took them for medical reasons, whereas I took them for aesthetic/performance enhancement.

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    • Thanks. No, I couldn't have gotten addicted or anything because they're not addicting unless you have body dysmorphia. I had older guys tell me that they had to have testosterone shots the rest of their lives because of steroid use, so that pretty much ended the fascination for me.

    • Awesome sauce. Take care sweetie!

  • If he doesn't do them anymore then I don't see the problem. Just explain it was a huge dumb mistake

    • I don't feel that way about it, though. I don't do them anymore, but I also don't regret it. I would be offended if a girl tried to rub my nose in it, like I'd made some tragic mistake or something.