Girls, Why would a girl lie about going to a modeling shoot? Was she trying to impress me?

There is a girl that I have just started to date and she really does seem to be into me pretty hard, moreso than I had thought originally, the reason I say that is when I went to drop her off she instigated a make out session with me, which was really cool. But to back up a minute she really seemed to enjoy our connvo and she even seemed to love my plans to move to a totally different part of the nation. Even she said that she once lived there and would love to go back there. So now onto the part where I think she is lying she states that she is going to go to LA for a photoshoot and her flight takes off the next day at 8 pm Ok first off I don't know if she was lying (but I have suspicion that she is) but when I see a post on her snapchat that appears like she is at home watching tv, then I have to wonder. She even boasts about how she wants to go the casino with me when she gets back (as I haven't been to the casino), she even talks about all the things she is going to do in LA, so it has been about two days and I hardly see any pics on snapchat or fb about LA, which makes me even more suspicious and now she isn't responding to a text that sent to her over a day ago.
So in my mind I am trying to figure out why she would lie about going to LA? Was she trying to impress me? Or is there something more to this. I am really trying to wrap my head around this, as something doesn't add up, I want to call her out on it, but not sure how to go about doing it. Also another thing that is odd is that she seems to like to iniate things, but sometimes I have to get her to want to do stuff with me. So as one can see I am totally confused about what she wants, one minute she is the one initiating intimacy, then the next moment she hardly even wants to talk to me. So I'm really confused. Could she be playing me?

Also to state she is in her mid twenties too and hence is why she is going to a supposed modeling shoot.


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  • yeah she is trying to impress you

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