Girls, Safe to say I should just move on?

This girl and I have been friends for over a year. About two months ago she told me straight up that she liked me more than a friend. I told her I liked her more than a friend too and we didn't know what to do next.
So fast forward two months, and no matter what I do, I try to get her to hangout, go out on dates (she said we could) she is always flaking out and giving me lame reasons why she can't go.
So I asked her if she stilled liked me more than a friend and she said yes.
So why won't she see me? Why do I get flaked out on all the time..

She even said "this isn't me blowing you off" but actions speak louder than words...


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  • Because she's nervous. Maybe she scared that if she dates you it will ruin the relationship that you have with her. SHe probably doesn't know what she's doing. Maybe she's never had a boyfriend together, maybe she wants you but it's bad timing right now