Guys, this new guy and I are getting to know each other, but he doesn't know about my previous relationship with his cousin, what do I do?

Went through a horrible break up with this guy who I dated for 9 months, no one knew about our relationship since we both agreed to keep it secret, and were talking marriage before it went bad. A few months after we broke up, his cousin comes into the picture and we are sort of getting to know each other, there is now flirting here and there and don't really know how to react. He is actually a really good guy, and am sort of developing feelings for him, but am not reacting to them, what do I do?

So I decided to tell the truth about my previous relationship with his cousin and opened it up by asking how close he was with his family. Apparently he doesn't talk to his cousins much and they don't really care for one another, so when I told him about my ex, he really didn't have a problem with it and actually dislikes them more. We are still at the stage of getting to know each other, but I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, honesty is really the best policy.


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  • Horrible idea. Run for the hills instead.

  • i would like to know as honesty is usly the best policy. and as such i assume you are not going after his cousin or any others so why should he care and if he does i dont think he is the one for you!

    • When is the right time to tell him? Any thoughts on how he would react? I'm just afraud he will dissapear

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    • I just want to thank you for your input, honesty really is the best policy, and we've actually become a little closer with my past out of the way.

    • Glad it worked out :)