Do you think this guy respects me?

He asks for pictures of me (nudes) and I have said no and I asked him if he would do such a thing and he says he doesn't do those things and I said me neither, and he told me that I should make an exception for him. but i respect what he says and I feel he doesn't respects what I'm saying


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  • hun send me a nude
    I'll send one back there we are even, don't over complicate it if you don't want to
    don't do it, stop trying too look into him as if he has a problem he likes women that's what men do get over it

    now send me nudes quickly women

    • I don't like sending nudes. I don`t do that. This is a serious question, not looking for nudes here. I'm not saying he has a problem, but I feel that when someone is trying to cross your boundaries, is because that person doesn't respects you, but I didn't know if it's only my belief. and your way of talking is disgusting.

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    • here's the issue with a lot of men they don't realize there's other women around sometimes they get stupid and concentrate on one cause there idiots

      also hun you gotta understand men don't get approached by women often its very rare we are the one's always approaching and we do get tired of it, and need a break sometimes

    • What's your point with that? You think he is so persistent because guys always do the chase (whatsoever)

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  • Dude this GUY is A loser who is using u! If he cared and loved u he would never make u do something ur uncomfortable doing!


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  • He doesn't respect you at all

    • and I said that i was going to sleep and he got angry because I didn't do it and he said are you f*cking serious?

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    • I already said to him that he should be looking for someone else's and not me. and he says that he likes me and that we should have fun, blablabla

    • No, no, no. Don't do this. He's only wanting sex

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  • Nah he's lying through his teeth.
    He doesn't respect you.
    And he obviously have done it before.
    Don't fall for this trick.
    Stay strong and don't take it as an exception.
    Unless you want to do it.
    But besides that don't allow him to pressure you to send pictures.