Why do guys always ignore me?

Why do guys always ignore me?

Every guy seems to ignore me, like they never ever talk to me but always talk to other girls. Like I even try similing and stuff but it never works, I'm starting to believe I'm ugly or something because I can't think of another explanation on why they would ignore me without even knowing me. Like I'm really nice, friendly and stuff too. I'm not only talking about relationship wise I mean friend wise too, I don't have any guy friends since they don't talk to me but every other girls seem to have guy friends since they talk to the other girls. even on dating apps I'd message some guys and they'd view my profile and ignore me. Is there something wrong with me? Am I maybe ugly or something? How can I be better looking? If that'll solve the problem. Here's a pic of me, it's not the best pic but just so u get an idea of what I look like


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