Best and most comfortable ways to introduce yourself to an attractive woman with no connections (keep it college level)?

No jokes. Genuine responses only!


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  • Are you both in college?

    Hmm sounds creepy but try to figure out where she hangs out.

    Be in spots where she can notice you.

    Get eye contact and smile.

    Ask her about classes and her major and from there on introductions start.

    Or have a lady friend become friends with her and from her you can become mutual friends.


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  • Pretend you're making a friend, maybe even imagine her like a guy if that helps.

    Since you have no connections, it might even help to invite her to an event with other friends you have, making it very obvious not a date, but this way you can get to know her a lot better there, and work your way up to something more like a date.

    Or if it's university, and she's in your class, you can exchange notes and offer to study together.

    Mostly just keep it very light, easy, fun.


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  • Thought experiment: You're an attractive college girl. You see a dude you don't know, and who doesn't run in any of yr circles.

    What, about this dude, might make you go for him?

    (1) yr normally the shy type, who's accustomed to dating in yr social circle;
    (2) yr normally pretty adventurous and have hooked up with (and had relationships with) strangers before.

    I mean, obviously I'm just throwing yr same question right back at you. But, just put yrself into the girl's shoes here. What would "do it" for you?
    You can't be TOTALLY 100 percent clueless, about this.

  • I agree with @Wanderingheartbeat try to ask question about class.

  • Just give a relaxed smile.
    Introduce yourself.
    Smile again.
    Talk about what you guys have in common: ask her what job she really wants and make sure you give her at least 3 compliments before you guys stop talking.
    End the conversation with something like: I liked talking to you we should talk more.

  • Jesus, just come up and introduce yourself. She will definitely talk to you, most woman my age will be friendly about it. If this is in school, she will talk to you.

  • Smile.
    Introduce yourself.
    Smile again (puts people at ease)
    Talk about your common classes.
    Talk about the uni.
    Talk about something you have in common maybe (if she likes the same music, it's easier!)
    And if you see that it's working, keep doing just that.

    • "Introduce yourself."

      How exactly does this work? I really don't see this happening with a stranger. Wth is he supposed to say?

    • @mikemx55 well if they are in the same classes, it's pretty easy. All he has to do is find something to ask her and then... Well it's on

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  • How about

    You:"hey! wassup"
    You: I don't believe we've met, I'm mike
    Girl: I'm victoria

    Shiiiit that's all I can come up with. This is where the awkward silence comes in. They say the trick to keep a conversation going is to say whatever comes to your mind, no filtering. I've never actually tried it myself, haha