What does she want from me?

i met her back in oct, and we started hanging out in nov. it was mostly with mutual friends, but it was just us 2.5 times and we went on one date. all of our friends told me she liked me, and i knew it, but i wanted to take it slow cause i just got out of a bad relationship. our date was good, we didn't kiss though, i thought about it but i figured next time. the week that followed she was less affectionate with me, although she still text me a lot and facetimed me once. our friends told me she was mad i didn't kiss her, so i tried to get her to go on a date again so i could and she kept blowing me off. then i told her i was trying and she blew up at me about how she is trying too but she was busy. then she started telling people i was being clinggy and making her feel uncomfortable and how she didn't owe me anything. we had plans to hang out the week before Christmas with our friends and i couldnt go and i heard she was all but hurt i didn't show up. then i started hearing how all she does is makeout with guys she doesn't care about and how she liked me but didn't she just wanted to make out with me. then i started b*tching about her to other people cause i was mad well it got back to her. we had plans with our friends for nye as well, but then she told them she didn't want to go if i was there because i would make it awkward. then it seemed she was doing little things to get under my skin and i got mad and started talking a lot of crap about her. then about 3 weeks ago, i heard again how she just wanted to make out with me and how she was seeing this guy she was doing the same thing, so i got super drunk and text her calling her a hoe saying i hate her. she was super mad and blocked me on fb and insta and told me never talk to her again. it made her cry. a lot. i felt bad so last week i wrote a letter apologizing and she called me right away p*ssed and we fought on the phone for almost 1hr and she denies ever liking me or wanting to kiss me or going on a date with me.


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  • she sounds like she's into you a lot