Girls, will confidence help me get a girlfriend even though I'm ugly?

As you know I'm ugly don't tell me otherwise plenty of girls told me i was ugly even my grandmother said i was. I work out a lot because my uncle makes me then shower. Anyways if i have more confidence and be more relaxed (I've been working on it) will i get the girl i like? I'm thinking of asking her out but if i have to have good looks and be confident then fuck it i give up and i won't try at all like a bitch i mean there's better looking guys out there right that she'll love to have and i dont wanna embarrass her in front of her friends because of me and my fuckn face.

P:S- Please excuse my language i was brought up that way i had a rough childhood and teenage hood as you can say but yeah im trying my hardest not to swear... Sorry.


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  • no it won't help you if you are ugly

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