Ever write letter to your crush or ex, but not give it to them?

A few months ago I couldn't think of anything but this guy I knew. I was OCD on him. Because of certain circumstances on both sides I couldn't act past the crush phase. I wrote him a letter but decided not to give it to him. 2.5 months later, I decided to read the letter again. I can't believe how different I feel from that time in my life. I no longer am crushing on him and, recently, I found out he likes me, but that ship has sailed. Those feelings are gone and I'm so glad I never sent the letter.


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  • I did worse in my teens, I gave her the letter. Most embarrassing thing ever.

    I think people do this watching too many romantic films and reading too many stories with happy endings.

    Declaring how you feel to someone you aren't even dating is an incredibly stupid move. The only way it can possibly work is if that other person magically happened to feel the same way. It's an incredible risk.

    Going to someone you like and asking them to hang out after work, school, etc. is so much smarter. You don't even have to make it like an official "date", just having fun together.

    And then if things work out, the magic happens, that's great. If not, you don't set yourself for one of life's biggest embarrassments and rejections. He/she might say that he/she is busy or not interested, no big deal. You two can even stay friends.


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  • I texted him but what I wrote was like they're from some letter. Whatever he didn't respond neither told me anything. It has been almost two years and now I feel like it was the most embarrassing thing I have ever done. #sadface