Should I tell him I want more?

So I met this guy through mutual friends 2,3 months ago. He had just gone through a bad breakup and we started talking. It was clear that he liked me but I kept being hot and cold, then two weeks after, he told me that he had just started seeing someone, that it was an open relationship. I got mad, we had a fight and I didn't respond to his messages for a week. Then I invited him at my house and we talked and it was great. He told me about his problems and I gave him some advices. After that he kept visiting me at least once a week and I ended up having sex with him ( it was my first time and he was very thoughtful and he cared about me ). We messaged each other a lot, and he always wanted to see me or meet me at Uni. Few days ago he came by and told that he just got serious with his girlfriend. I didn't say anything, I acted like it was nothing but I'm actually really jealous and sad. He told me that he cared about me and didn't want to stop seeing me...
I though about it and reread our text messages and I realized that I've always been quite cold and distant while he was always explicit about what he thought about me and always told me he wanted to see me and talk to me more while I usally joked about it or changed the subject because I'm very reserved and the fact that he had a girlfriend always made me doubt about him. We still see each other to talk and I feel like he always needs a reason to visit me and I'm not complaining about it but if he keeps wanting to see me few times a week when he could be with his girlfriend, doesn't it mean anything?
He comes by tomorrow because he wants to tell me something he can't tell on the phone...
I really like him and I don't know what to do to show him I want to be his girlfriend without ruining our relationship if he doesn't feel the same...
Anyway, it's driving me crazy and I feel like shit because if I hadn't been so distant maybe it could have been different.

Ps : I stalked his girlfriend on insta and believe me she's not very pretty (sorry).


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  • If he has an open relationship with his girlfriend then I take it he would expect that relationship to continue if he started one with you? I get the strong impression that you would not be fine with that. So it's possible that he wants more but is not ready to give up on her as a condition.


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