Why is this guy so confusing?

So me and this guy have been talking for about two months and things have been confusing. When we met, he was very into me and he even invited me to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family and him. We had a great time, and some great sex and when I went home the next day, I texted him that I missed him already, and that's when things got weird. He began to say that he wanted to take things slow, which I understood.

Within the next two months, there would be a lot of arguments over text, but in person we'd resolve them and have a lot of fun. On Christmas he was very drunk and texted me that he only wanted to fuck with no strings attached. That broke my heart. A week later, when he came back from his vacation, he was ready to end things with me because I wasn't talking to him and when I would, the arguments would get worse. When he came over, we talked and fixed things.. So within the month after all of that we've bonded and gotten closer. He sometimes calls me babe, and he actually has made hints towards me being his girlfriend. When I tell him I'll miss him, he says he'll miss me too. He actually spent 4 days at my apartment with me through the snowstorm, and we didn't argue once. We had a great time, and the funny part is that we didn't even have sex. When he was leaving, he kept making jokes about having "side girls" but then he was laughing when he noticed my mood changed and kissed me and told me I was the only one. He kept insisting on taking me to the store and getting me groceries; but I denied it. When he was leaving he noticed I was upset and when he tried to figure out why, it was because of something he said jokingly about me catching feelings. That's when he hugged me and asked why I was mad and I asked him if he hasn't caught feelings. He hugged me and kissed me and told me that I should know by now, with a smile.

Now fast forward ward to a couple days later, I asked if he wanted to hang out and he said he'd be at his grandmas house and "not really." That response made me upset, so I texted him "rude" and he ignored me for the rest of the day. Later when he texted me I asked why he was angry and I said "babe I don't want you to be mad at me" he said "babe? Um" I said "what? You're not my babe?" He said "we are not a couple."

Obviously that hat really bothered me. Now I'm still bothered because I'm so confused. He's 31 and I'm 20. Is he just afraid of commitment?


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  • haha dat player. he played you like a boss. use and discard. use and discard! now break some poor loser's heart for revenge... .

    ps what did you expect to happen. you are an infant, this can't be a relationship


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  • Omg drop him

    Drop him like a bad habit.

    These are all the warning signs. Sweetie he doesn't love you. His playing you. Messing with your emotions. He's a total dick. Please for your own sake drop his ass and move on. He will come crawling back to you but just kick him to the curb.

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