What do you think is worse a guy useing a girl who cares about him for sex, or a girl useing a guy who cares about her for his money?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't know. Both are equally bad to me. But I'd rather be robbed than used for sex. I value my body and trust of others above money.

    Money does take time to earn, but trust takes more effort and it hurts more when that's taken. And yes I've been robbed before. Of money and possessions. It still hurt more to have my trust being abused.

    I guess it depends on what holds more value to the person.

    I voted A because I was trying to scroll but meant C.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd say both are bad... but look at it this way: the sex is something she offers, and they both get something out of it. he might be a dirt bag, but she still got off.
    money, though? that takes hours of hard work. If a guy makes as much as $15 an hour, taking her out to a nice dinner and dropping 50 bucks on her literally cost him 3 and a half hours of his life. A $150 trinket? he worked 10 hours to pay for that.
    So, whether she is getting drinks, or food, or clothes, or jewelry, or he's paying her rent, every penny is time he spent laboring, only to willingly turn that money he earned, over to her.

    Using a woman for sex is emotional manipulation, and it is sexual contact she may regret later (regret is not rape! if it were, he would be worse, hands down!). So his action is horrible.
    But using a man for his money is theft. And the more money taken, and the lower his wages, the more hours of his life were burned away only for her to leach from him the results of his labor. That is pretty low. And seeing as he likely did this thinking she cared for him? it is ALSO emotional manipulation. Her action is also horrible

    • I don't think it's theft if he's wilfully giving it away. But I agree it's scummy. Also, women are less likely to enjoy the sex if the guy is selfish, which the guy in this scenario most likely is. So she may not even be enjoying it and just giving him what he wants to have him stay.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Both are equally bad. Either one will cause a toxic relationship environment, and once one or the other no longer feels the need for them, they'll leave the other person.


What Guys Said 6

  • I dunno but I can say that it's nigh impossible to answer since on can not look at this without a biased eye. As a guy, I will say that a girl using a guy for money is worse. Girls will understandably say that a guy using a girl for sex is worse.
    So it's easier to say that both are equally bad but then again, that might not be true.

  • both are equally bad

  • Girl is worse at least for the sex it has more meaning behind it emotionally.

  • I'll send them both packing to Alcatraz and nuke the damn island

  • I've seen both these cases before.

    Couldn't help but stand there, shaking my head like a disappointed parent.

  • I think using someone for their money is worse than using someone for sex. Both are bad but one is an order of magnitude worse.

    • Think about it. If you were a millionaire would you rather someone be stealing your money or using you for sex? I think most people would be more alarmed by the money.