I'm 90% sure he is no longer interested but the other 10% keeps holding on that maybe he still is?

Ok I'll Try to makes this short. Known a guy for close to 5 years we've liked each other since we were in our teens. We lost contact throughout the years but about a year ago we reconnected through his brother. At first everything was awesome we talk and text quite a bit. He'd rave about how "Gorgeous, amazing" I was to him.

We had a lot in common from liking the same genre in music to movies. I'd stay up all night into the wee hours just talking. I'm a big believer in "actions speak louder than words" and so far his actions have said otherwise, and last time I hit him up and didn't hear from him. The last time we talked was around September. Maybe he found someone else I really don't know. From what I've heard from his friends (a long time ago) is that he's very complacent, a bit of a passive aggressive person, shy, and indecisive.

I don't know if he wants me to "chase" him, or what. I usually go with my gut, but honestly I've never been so confused. I've tried to move on but I have no closure. Any tips?


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  • NOPE! forget it.

    • I know. I wasted so much time on him.

    • UGH! lets just buy some pizza! eh everything make sense later haha!

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  • Message him.

    • I did back in September and nothing. Then once more to wish him a happy New year and nothing. I don't know if he's playing games or what.

    • Message now and see what happens

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