Not sure if I'm doing the right thing need some help?

Hey I need some help I'm a girl and I'm sort of new to this life of dating and I have this guy that I like and also have a crush on him but thing is I'm still trying to get to know him and he works at a coffee shop but I didn't talk to this guy much this week due to that I was not feeling like myself and today I did explain to him that i was a bit off but I told him that it was nothing to do with him so was I doing the right thing in telling him and wondering if this guy would still want me to be chatting to him and I did notice that he was checking me out last week and I suppose that I was a good thing meaning that he could possibly be interested in me but course I'm not sure at all please can anyone help me

Can anyone please answer my questions below would really appreciate it


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  • (Periods would help those who try and read it comprehend what you're trying to stay better.)

    Although it was ok to say that you feel or have been feeling ill, you shouldn't have added that it has nothing to do with him. You also didn't need your behavior to him as you are not dating and you don't know whether or not he is interested in you. Not fatal mistakes or even that much of a mistake (it really depends on his personality as to whether or not it was a mistake and how big of a mistake they were, but most guys wouldn't think much of it).

    Just try and relax and put him in a good mood whenever you are around him.

    • Ok sorry I over exaggerated when I said that it has nothing to do with him I didn't say that to him I just got carried away with what I was trying to say and need help with I just only said to him that I wasn't feeling like myself that's all and I'm just worried if I scared him away by not wanting to speak to me again I just wanted a friendship with him first and I'm trying to build that up and really wanting to get his number so that I can meet up with him outside his work place and that's all I'm wanting to do at the moment and I also i do get nervous talking to him I just really want to get his number that's all and be friends with him

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    • Cool that's great or even tomorrow you can help and it is ok for me to say to him that he makes a good cup of coffee or maybe not I just want to get his number and not sure how

    • Or is there a way of getting a guy to ask for my number and if so how can I make this happen 😀

  • You aren't doing anything wrong really; get to know him better and be sure to test the waters a little bit to know exactly where you stand with him

    • That's really good to hear I was just being honest with him that's all but I was a bit over exaggerating when I said that it has nothing to do with him I just said that I wasn't feeling like myself to him that's all but anyways as you were saying how would I go about to test the waters with him

  • your all over the place. dating is not that hard. just relax and when you see him flirt a little bit. he's the guy so he should do the rest


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