Girls, do most guys you go on online dates with struggle to make conversation all night?

What i mean is i dated this girl and the date went perfect with not gaps in conversation!
But she is dating a few other guys as well, do most guys you go on dates with struggle to make conversation

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  • If it's meant to be it will be. The very best thing you can do on the first three dates is be honest and don't put too much pressure on yourself for it to work out just because of one good date.

    When I was single I only ever went on 2 or 3 bad dates and lots of good ones. With some of them we talked the whole time and would have made good friends or work mates but the chemistry just wasn't there. And honestly chemistry isn't just about talking. With my current boyfriend I knew by our third date we were couple material because we were always just so comfortable in each other's presence. We could walk together in silence, we could disagree from our first kiss I just wanted to be beside him.

    He dif see me get flustered and worked up a few times after that and it baffles him. Usually it was because I was running late and scrambling to clean my place right before he arrived and he'd be like what is this energy?

    The best thing you can do for yourself is set at least one or two dates a week. I would usually have another date planned with another guy by the time I actually went on a first date with someone or at least something else in the works. I used to think that sounded like a player or mean but honestly it frees you up to relax and just be yourself on the date.

    You aren't fretting about I have to make this work or a good impression. It just is what it is. That said I usually go exclusive around he fourth or fifth date. By then I know this is someone is like to focus on. It is too hard to really get to know someone when you are dating several people at one time in my opinion.

    • thanks i mean it went perfect and she said deffo to a second date but now she's ignoring me, back on the dating site and liking other guys pics, is their anything i can do to win her back or get a 2nd date?

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    • I have no way of knowing that. But what I'm saying is you shouldn't care one way or another.

    • the thing is it took me 3 and half months of texting after i met her online before we went on a date!

  • I've only been on a few. The date itself usually goes well, it's a bit awkward since we haven't met before. But after a few moments talking, it gets better.

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