Girls just a question?

I've gotten in shape and bought a new bmw car. Last night i went to the mall and in the parking lot i saw a stunning blonde on the phone. She started eyeing me as soon as i pulled up on the lot and i parked next to her on purpose. I then got out of my car and she was still starring at me. I then walked to the elevator and before i got in it i looked back and she was still starring at me.

I'm 23 and she was at least 40. Point is do you think she liked what she saw? i ask only because next time it happens i will make a move but before i do i thought i asked this.


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  • I ain't saying she's a gold digger;

    But she ain't dealing with a broke nigga.

    But seriously;

    I'm saying she's a gold digger.
    She don't like you; she thinks you got money.
    She wants to have sex with your money.
    She wants to stick dollar bills into her pussy hole.
    And when she's done;
    You'll really be a broke nigga.
    And she'll have menopause. :)


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  • It's the car mate and she's trying to figure you out


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  • Just because a woman looks at you , that doesn't necessarily mean she is attracted to you. She may have been looking at "fresh air" for all you know, or she may have even mistaken you for her sons friend.


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  • if she's got not ring she's down

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