Did he feel pressured to ask me out?

Long story short, I met this guy through my new best friend, he's really nice. I have been trying to talk to him and bring him out of his shell for the past few months as he is extremtly shy around girls. He is a bad texter, he ends convo's randomly and uses short words to everyone including me.

My friend asked him if he liked me a few months ago. he said he still needs to get to know me more (fair enough). it's been 4 months. We have tried meeting up just the 2 of us but he keeps cancelling. He did however come over to my best friends house when I invited him to come join us to see his reaction.

2 days ago we hung out alone at his house... It was cool we just watched movies, talked and played games.

My close guy friend that night convinced me to let him message this guys and ask him what he thought of the day. He said that we were just hanging out 'and it's not like that.' Yesterday this close guy friend also convined me to tell him that I like him.

He responced the message saying that he doesn't know how i feel about him (I like him). but thinks that we should go on a date and see how it goes. HOWEVER!!

I found out that after I confessed my feelings. He messaged my close guy friend freaking out as he didn't know what to say. He also messaged my best friend. My close guy friend told him to ask me out. ( indirectly a trail date)

Did he just feel pressured to ask me out. He did it too casaully and effortlessly to seem like he really meant it (instant messaging)

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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't know but this guy on the whole seems to be confused all the time, I am not sure if he will ever be sure about you. It's possible he was pressurized.


What Girls Said 2

  • I feel like you involve to many people in it you should of just ask him out yourself.

  • He has no idea