Should I just move on?

I got chatting to a guy from a dating site last night and he seems really nice , we called each other earlier today and we had a nice talk he said he would like to meet tomorrow night and he will let me know later tonight to arrange it , I have seen him online on whatsapp but he hasn't texted or called yet , if he was interested he would've buy now right? Should I just leave it and move on?

I've had a couple of dates with other guys in the past and they were keen and would initiate times day etc...


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  • He said by tonight, give him at least until tonight.

    • I'm starting to become suspicious , this morning he told me he has deleted his dating profile because he thinks I'm
      Nice and wants to get to know me etc could he be married is this a sign

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    • Ah okay well if he does not set up the date by tonight then I would probably trust your feelings and move on

    • Thank you :-) , if someone is interested then they would wouldn't they !! Oh well back to the dating scene lol

  • i wouldn't count him out yet. just relax

  • No it's not that late yet, give him time , don't be so impatient

    • I'm becoming suspicious he says he's separated from his wife for 4 years and she is pregnant with her new partner , this morning he told mr he has deleted his dating profile so he can get to know me... Are these signs that he could still be with his wife? A cheat?

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    • I asked him straight he said of course he is I apologised and explained to him that I'm just weary , he called but I missed it

    • Yeah I think he is being honest with you

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