Did my friend set me up with his brother to help his brother get LAID? My friend knows I am not the kind of girl that will have sex so early?

So I met one of my closest guy friends' brother at a party this year and a few days later he tells me his brother asked about me, and kept asking if I had mentioned him at all. A couple days later, a group of us went to the casino and my friend and his brother went a long. His brother and I really hit it off. After that night, we had been in constant contact. He even told me he would take me out to dinner. My friend never really asked about how things were going with his brother and he didn't know that we talked daily until later on. Anyways, last week we hung out twice for the first time since the casino (no dinner date, and it was with friends) and he seemed really shy and could barely look at me, but he flirted in a shy/awkward way (I thought it was cute), and just the other day he told me he liked me. This week, he started school and began working nights, and it became hard to find a time to hangout, however he would always ask me to sleepover, but he would ask me around 11pm every night. Last night, I told him it was a little annoying that he would only ask me to sleepover and I started to feel like a booty call but I didn't tell him that. I told him I wouldn't be able to leave my house and drive to his place just to sleep and that it would never happen. He responded with "alright cool". I asked him if he was mad and he said "Nah" and I then told him if he asked sooner I would be able to go, but he read my text and never responded. Am I just a bootycall to this guy? I would assume my friend told him I wasn't going to hookup so easily and that I want to be with a good guy, so what's going on? I know he has a tinder but that doesn't really mean much to me honestly. Do you think its just mis communication? I really like him and I want to get to know him more before I have sex with him and develope feelings. Also, I've become friends with his group of friends and they like me too.


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  • Me any brother do not discuss how we treat women, or our dating etiquette. I would not assume your friend told his brother anything other than your contact information. Your friend probably has no idea what his brother does or what he is doing with you. I also agree that 11 pm sleep over thing is odd. It doesn't necessarily mean he is trying for sex. I don't think you are a booty call. He just sounds a little awkward. Try a couple real dates and re-evaluate him.

    • thanks for the advice! but, he stopped contacting me so I don't know how I would approach this. I would love to go on some real dates with him. I feel like I should wait for him to contact me first since he seemed pretty upset and he didn't want to talk to me anymore.

    • I would just shoot him a general text asking if he would like to meet up for dinner or drinks some time. Don't be specific with a time or place, just ask in general and see if he replies. The ball is in his court then. If he doesn't reply after a week, you know you can forget him and move on.

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  • You should communicate with him. Straight up ask him what he wants from you and you should also tell him what you're looking for. Otherwise both of you may be getting the wrong end of the stick. You may be a booty call, you may not. Maybe he only calls you late to sleep over because that's the only time he gets to see you what with his night job and studies n all.


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