Girls! Do you ever wish you were back with a guy after you guys seperated?

Say this guy treated you good and it was a special time in your life. But you guys seperated for some reason. Do you ever wish you had him back? How long in the future does this craving last you?


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  • At the time of the break up and for a while after yes but once you've had the time to figure out what you really want and deal with it no not at all!

    • But say the break up was not because anyone did anything wrong. Say it is because you two had to be separated for school but this guy was the best you've ever been with and special to you.

    • I just don't think I could personally! To know the pain of going through the break up and to face that again I don't think I could

    • Thats fair. But what if the guy showed up and both of your lives are more stable and he wanted to really seriously commit to you.

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